Rayman or Super Monkey Ball


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I don't think there was much in it!

But if you look at gamerankings.com

Rayman has the better average review scores!

It will be just down to what your looking for - I guess you will just have to decide for yourself :cool:



Due to Toys'r'us game shortage on the "Wii Super Saturday" and no COD3 or Red Steel left due to me not wanting to push through in the games Free For All I got them both! Reviews make them both sound good so I'm keepin' em. For xmas though so I cant help you decide sorry!

/pointless post :p


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I have both and I love both too, very hard to choose. Monkey Ball has a great main game, but the Rayman mini games are lots of fun too.


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Got both copies too and would choose Rayman over Monkey Ball but both games are good fun.

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I asked the wife to buy me either game for Christmas. She has bought me one of them but wants to suprise me on Christmas monring. :rolleyes:

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