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Thought I'd post this in case anyone comes across this scenario :D

I am running Raydon's fantastic firmware on my Humax Foxsat-HDR and recently swapped out my 320gb HDD for a 1.5tb variety. Before swapping out the drives I backed up my films etc. onto my NAS box using Filezilla.

Everything went OK with the swap, partitioned and formatted the new drive before installation and then started to put all the files back on the new drive using Filezilla again.

My problem arose, in that when the files were put on the new drive they weren't appearing in "Media". After much pratting about with settings on the web interface and the hummy remote I found the solution.

It would appear that by using the hummy remote and going into "File Manager" then renaming the folders, it causes the Hummy to re-index the files in the folder, doing this made all my restored recordings appear.

This also works if some of the folders are missing.

Hope this is helpful to someone. :D

Merry Christmas !!
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Thanks very much. I would imagine this will work for anyone who moves recordings via FTP instead of using the Humax file manager, and not just after replacing the hard disk.
Just rename the folder using file manager, then change it back if you wish. simples !
Just tried this by using FTP to rename a folder containing six recordings. On opening the media list, the renamed folder was not listed. However, on opening file manager there it was, but with zero contents. Renamed the folder via file manager and the contents now listed correctly as six. Returned to media list and confirmed that the folder was indeed listed with contents of six. Great stuff !
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