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Ratings On Monitor Audio Subs

Dr Force

Distinguished Member
Hi Guys

Has anybody got any views on the 360,720 & RSW-12.

Would anybody recommend an alternative if for any reason your experience is not a good one.




Active Member
Hi Dave,

having just purchased an MA RSW12 at the weekend, I'm more than impressed:thumbsup:

What would you like to know?

It's small! Smaller than you think;) It sounds fab.....really crushes my last sub to bits (a Paradigm PS-1000), and the speed and agility is something else.....which is important to me, as I'm a Tiesto fan!

It's well built, too, and looks great!



Active Member
Sorry to be not much help, but I'm sure I have read that MA don't make very good subs!! Can't remember where I read that to though so there you might want to take that statement with a pinch of salt!

You certainly don't hear much about them on this forum. I know there other speakers are impressive though, but I have no experience with their subs.

Can anybody else help?


Well-known Member
Another not sure, although I have heard good things (when I've heard them) on this forum about the RS W12. Chris is one of many on here who hasn't had a negative to say about it. Seems to be a good, compact performer for a reasonable price. Looks on paper to be very comparable to the SVS SB12 Plus. Go have a listen if you're dealer stocks one.


Distinguished Member
The older cheaper MA subs were pretty poor performances (it pains me to say as an admirer of their speaker ranges...lol).....especially the Radius ones....they look quite pretty in the right finish, but there really isnt anything to shout about for the price especially when it comes to the bass...

but their most expensive model bought at a cheaper price is apparently a very nice sub, but not at its full price.......and the recent RS range sub is apparently a very good sub for its price (given its from a retailer not a direct/net sale)......so hopefully they will be producing decent ones from now on....heh


Active Member
I too have just upgraded to the RSW12, having previously used the R360 for 3years. The R360 was good for movies but not so good with music; very boomy when loud but nothing much to it when listening quietly. The RSW12 on the other hand is completely different, much more agile when listening to music all round (both low volume and high volume) and movies sound fantastic. I would definitely recommend it. I am using it with a Pioneer Amp.


Active Member
i was going to go for the Monitor Audio 360 Sub to go with my in-ceiling setup but after finding out on here that the BK XLS200 is very good indeed i thing i have swayed to it now!! do you think this is wise?


I have the RSw12 also.
Its a real monster for its size , and really can compliment any Av setup , movies or music.
It is a quite heavy sub despite its size , but the rim of the sub alone is over 1inch thick.
I love it and couldnt recommend it more , it is quite expensive but worth every penny IMO.


Active Member

I am thinking of getting the Monitor Audio Radius range, and would like to know how the RSW12 compares to a similar priced sub, like Rel 1 and Velodyne?

Its quite a massive sub, but I quite like, not sure whereI could put it though! but if it is good, then it will match the set!

Any thoughts?

Neil Hawkes

Active Member
Another one here who's impressed with the RSW 12; rounds the speakers off nicely both with the sound and the matching finish.


Standard Member
I'm looking at getting the MA silver package with the Rs6, RSW12, RS-FX + RS-LCR.

Would this system inc the sub be too powerful for a small room 9ft by 16ft?

Cheers, Si.


Active Member
:offtopic: Any of you RSW12 owners interested in the 'Free Beer' thread? It'd only take one...

I'd be interested in joining in, but I've only got a BRW10....

It died a couple of months after I got it, took me a month to get it back...

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