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Just for a laugh:-

Heres a few musical celebs. Match them up to the category below you think currently applies to them or applied to them when still "around".

1) A truly innovative musical genius
2) worthless, timewasting, poseur
3) Mainly 1) but with a small amount of 2)
4) Mainly 2) but with a small amount of 3)
5) Washed out has been
6) Still got it after all these years..........

A) Sting
B) Cher
C) Ozzy
D) Keith Richards
E) Eric Clapton
F) Madonna
G) Prince
H) Marilyn Mansun
I) Alice Cooper
J) Elton John
K) Kylie
L) Thom Yorke
M) Frank Zappa
N) Jim Morrison
O) Steve Vai
P) David Gray
Q) Liam Gallagher
R) Noel Gallagher
S) Bono
T) Alanis Morrisette
U) Puff Daddy (diddy?)
V) George Michaels
X) Peter Gabriel
Y) David Coverdale
Z) Posh

Note this is for fun, so no flames please!

Heres mine:-

A) 3
B) 5
C) 6
D) 5
E) 5
F) 4
G) 2
H) 4
I) 1
J) 4
K) 2
L) 3
M) 1
N) 3
O) 1
P) 3
Q) 4
R) 4
S) 4
T) 4
U) 4
V) 3
W) 3
X) 1
Y) 2
Z) 5


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Boring farts...................:D

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