raster size on tube help!

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Hi Roland,

just noticed your here at the mo - just sent my questionaire to you looking forwards to the crt day:)

on my barco 800 data the raster looks too wide on the tube.

I did the setup advice you gave to someone else . deleted all blocks, set to midpoint then focused, then aligned red/blue physically...

I've posted a drawing of what I'm seeing on the tubes(all 3) - please dont laugh at it:blush:

Also the blue goes all the way right on the settings to get it central - out of adjustment range.

Do I have some pots where I can size the raster inside the tube, and set all 3 to the middle with the software settings at mid-point? - Or should I wait till after the crt day, as I wont be installing my pj till I move house - just trying to learn the setting up at the mo.




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Roland @ B4

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Rob not entirely sure here. the inernal grid is often bigger than the displayed picture. The main this is to make sure your picture in normal use is not touching the edges of the tube.

For centering the blue to a seach for a reply I did a month or so back there are some brass topped pots you have to adjust when the convergence is set to mid possition.

But you are quite right this is exactly what the CRT School will cover.
(dates 9th/10th Nov and program are in the thread now)


Cheers Roland

the source pic is not as wide as the genlocked pattern, and only about the top 1/5th of the raster goes off the sides.

The actual pic does'nt touch the sides..

I've got the thread you mentioned printed out, but am not too sure about the pots.- theres two on the first card, one marked red, the other unmarked(very small brass screws). theres 3 big plastic pots adjusted from the side(marked red/green/blue), and the blue on is turned 90 degrees to the others...

I think I'll wait for some training to be sure....


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