Raspberry PI - Hassio For Home Automation / (Not smart) Alarm Console

Discussion in 'Smart Home, Climate Control & Security Forum' started by Paul_HDLover, Aug 1, 2018.

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    Folks, im dipping my toes further into the world of automation. Im quite savvy technology wise but i have to admit my electronics knowledge is short of where i'd like it to be so need some help, if i may ask.

    I've just discovered this forum tonight so hope to have some good chats with you guys. I've been on AVF for years tho.

    So first of all Hassio. Its awesome. Google it, install it. The potential is amazing. I have it dynamically capturing alerts generated on my hikvision cameras and i am playing about with what i can do with the outputs of those alerts. Seemingly no end to what can be done. i'm just refining the response to the intrusion detection alarm and weighing up the option of either deploying the heat seeking missiles or releasing the hounds.

    The particular thing i want to sort out though is to do with my fairly old response electronics SL5 alarm system. I have recently got rid of my landline so no longer can my alarm call me if it is triggered. This is a pain, overcome somewhat by my idea to by a GSM module for it. But, i never got round to installing that and time has moved on. I realise i can and should be able to take some kind of output from the alarm console and somehow send it to my PI / Hassio. The problem is they are not co-located.

    Is there a device which i can buy which can a) connect to the existing control panel and preferably also be powered from the control panel b) send the alarm message to the PI (or have the PI monitor the plug in module) all via wifi? If there is such a thing, what would the wiring situation look like?


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