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Aug 6, 2012
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Just though I'd vent out on the absolute arrogance of the stores business model(not the staff). I won't name the location of the store as there are several branches and I presume their overall culture of trade ins etc is the same across the board.

On Friday I thought I'd call in to see how much they would offer me for a normal New 3DS LL model as I intended to get an XL model. I specifically asked them if they'd be able to beat CEX. They gave it all the gab about quality control etc and said I should bring it in to assess before a price is given but if I want to trade it in for a used 3DS XL it would cost £145(!!!). This was shocking enough but I still went in the next day with my device to see how much they would offer cash/trade in.

They offered £39 cash which was most likely to match CEX, although daylight robbery IMO. Then they offered £60 trade in which actually beat CEX considering no charger or stylus. I thought this was actually OK and then said, let me have a think about it. They then tried to convince me to sell it and asked how much cash I would've wanted etc, I said £85 at least which they shrugged off.

Now the part which made me really want to rant and vent about this place.... Dark Souls 3 (normal edition PS4) - £39.99. Witcher 3 GOTY - £37.99. Hitman - Season 1 - £39.99.... So basically, the house wins. They give me a £60 trade in voucher which buys me something from their store only which costs more than CEX, any used channels and also eBay.

I found this to be such an arrogant method of utilising trade ins, it makes me wonder, who on earth would buy from there?

CEX are quite rough with their trade in values too but they do offer 2nd hand prices on 2nd hand items, and they also try and keep up with the retail prices. I have no issues trading in with them as they work on a fixed price basis and you also know what you can potentially get.

I wonder why a place like Game Galaxy would even exist when places like CEX do.

Anyways rant over.
I have never and will never use a place like CEX. Like Wonga, they exist solely to fleece people who desperately need money. There is simply no other reason to use them when you can sell your own stuff online for a legitimate amount. I always have a look in the window when I'm passing but, I would never buy from there and certainly never line their pockets selling them anything. It's not worth it and makes absolutely no sense.
Sell your gear on here, eBay or if you don't want to post your local Facebook for sale group. Why involve a third party, they don't deserve to make more from the sale then you do.

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