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Afternoon folks,

Newbie here. Hope you're all well?

I have just moved into a property and I am awaiting my phoneline/broadband to go active but I'm not sure if I'm wired up right???

The last owners had internet's etc but the main phone line into the box is parted and looks to have been damaged a while.

Randomly there are 2 wires coming out of the splitter that run to nowhere? Could these be the ative phone line?

I have attached pics for a bit of help.

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The incoming phone line up to and including the Master Socket "belongs" to OpenReach and subscribers are not at liberty to tamper with it, notwithstanding that is is inside "our" properties. The Master Socket is the demarcation point between what "belongs" to us and what "belongs" to OpenReach.

If it is damaged, you should call your telephone provider and let them know and they will/should in turn send out the OpenReach engineers to sort out the mess.

Looking at your picture, it looks like it's been rather "bodged" by someone - no OpenReach engineer would have done such a poor job (or at least, if they had, they should have their ass handed to them - usually OpenReach engineers work is "tidy" verging on surgical.) I would hazzard a guess that "someone" has moved the Master Socket from the splice point in the corner to it's present position.

Your telco may threaten to charge you for the work, but if it were me I would try invoking "I've just bought the place and this is the mess I've been left" and/or "I'm taking out a new service with you and think you should make good the line before I'm happy to accept it" or some such argument to see if you can persuade them to do it free of charge.

If you thence end up having to have OpenReach in, now might be a good time to review whether the present position of your Master Socket is ideal for you and possibly negotiate to have it moved if not.

(The "splitter" hanging out the front look like a simple socket doubler, not an ADSL filter, but it's a bit hard to see in the pictures.)
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I am with @mickevh on this one. I cant actually see an Openreach drop cable in that configuration, I am guessing that it comes into the rear of the Mastersocket. That cable with the Jelly Crimps on looks like some half hearted extension solution. If you plug a phone into the Master Socket, do you get a dial tone ?


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I was suspectious that the jelly crimped "tail" is someone's effort to extend the incoming exchange line. I'd guess the socket doubler then leads off to a couple of extensions. If OP were to whip off the faceplate and have a look in the back box, it should be pretty obvious if there was any other incoming cable into the socket (through the wall for example.) It looks like a surface mount pattress, so hopefully it would be pretty simple to see if there's anything else entering through the wall.
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