Random Tri Tone Alerts


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My 4S (5.1.1) randomly gets tri tone alerts. Nothing is received i.e. messages and there is nothing on screen. It has been happening for a while so I can't pin down which app it could be. Does anyone have any tips for identifying the problem and how to solve it? It's very annoying as it is obviously the same alert as Whatsapp!


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Sorry I can't help but my 4s on the same firmware did the same, so you aren't going mad. The screen didn't light up, just the sound. I didn't have this issue on 5.01, I've no longer got the phone but you could try a restore or wait for the next firmware upgrade.

This post suggests its been around for a while though:


I didn't have either of these applications installed.


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Perhaps go through each app individually within the notifications section of settings and check for apps that have the banners and badges disabled but not the sounds?


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I thought that I had done that for all of them but it appears there were still some with sounds 'on' but the notifications were set to 'off'. I will ensure that they're 'off' and hopefully that will solve it.


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Update - I did the above and it has solved it. I have no idea which one is the offending apps. I suppose if I ever need notifications to be turned back on on some of them, I will find out....


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