Random Sound Glitches – Denon AVR 1610

Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by Mintyhit, Feb 11, 2014.

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    Afternoon All,

    Firstly 4 years and 4 posts – hello and apologies for my hard-core lurking!

    I can usually I can find all the information I need on these forums through the search but today I am stumped and I am hoping someone might be able to put me out of my misery.

    So I have a very unusual problem with my AVR-1610 and I am hoping someone might be able to help me with - my receiver has a long-running and intermittent problem with the audio cutting out randomly for a fraction of a second at a time - mostly when receiving DD or DTS signals via HDMI.

    This happens with all nearly all signal types (DTS, DD, PCM, TureHD) although a PCM signal with the AVR set in direct would seem the most (although not entirely) stable configuration. Coming from a reasonably technical background myself I’ve tried nearly everything I (and the internet) can think of to fix it. I’ve changed cables, speakers, blown compressed air in the headphone socket, changed all the settings, used different HDMI sources and drivers (Mac, PC, Xbox, TV) however I am well and truly stumped.

    The AVR will do this randomly (it has good days and bad) for all digital HDMI / Optical devices connected to it (TV, XBOX, HTPC etc.) and the only way I have found to clear the problem so far is a reset of the microprocessor – this almost always fixes the issues with the sound cutting out but I still get pops and glitches with a TrueHD signal.

    Even more frustrating is that have the MP reset I have to run through the Audyssey setup again which has a habit of randomly crashing before it reaches the end - on average I probably run this 20 times before success and the sound of pink noise now haunts my dreams.

    My layman’s conclusion is that it might be an issue with the decoding in the microprocessor as the reset is the only way to get it to behave normally, although briefly, again. After a few days or after switching sources around a bit the AVR is back to being unhinged again.

    Has anyone seen, or rather heard, of this behaviour before?

    Thanks All!

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