Random Question about Sky+ Recording with No Contract


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Oct 20, 2021
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I've just hooked up my old Sky+ HD Box as I was curious to see if it had retained the Sky+ recording facility since I left Sky a few months ago. I've read a few posts online from some people who claimed they were still able to do that.

Got everything booted up, went in to the program guide and pressed the "R" button and, much to my surprise, it actually offered me the option to record the program or series link.

I then went to my planner and played one of my old recorded programs from one of the FTA channels and it worked as well.

So i'm getting all excited and trying other channels as well until I got a message "This card needs to be paired with this box" so I pressed "Select" to do just that and have subsequently lost the ability to use the recording and playback.

So my question is, have i just shot myself in the foot by pairing the card ?. Or would it be the case, which I suspect is most likely, that it was just a matter of time before the card sent the appropriate signal to Sky to say "Oi, this one is trying to get something for nothing" ?.

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