Random problems with my Sony 46EX723

Discussion in 'Sony TVs Forum' started by jaska70, Jan 9, 2012.

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    I bought Sony 46EX723 few months ago. I got the CI+ module and HD channels as well. TV is connected to my digibox (HDMI) and to active speakers (3.5mm plug).

    The random problems I have faced so far are:
    1. Sometimes Im not able to watch any HD channel (it just does not open). Recovery is to remove CI+ module.
    2. Sometimes Im not able to watch any SD or MD (not crypted) channels. Screen stays black and some error msg appears.
    Recovery: Switch power plug and back. No help if I remove CI+ module or turn TV OFF.
    3. Sometimes when watching TV/recordings from my digibox, the sound is OFF. When I switch to TV stream, sound is OK.
    Recovery: Unplug HDMI and switch back or turn TV OFF/ON.

    Sony says that those are not their probems, but 1 and 2 because of faulty CI+ module. I have replaced it already once, but still the problems occurs every now and then (sometimes twice a day, sometimes once per two weeks). Sony refuse to help and blaim the CI+ module.

    My guess for 3 is that HDMI-input for audio gets somehow stucked since normal channel works OK.

    Has anyone else seen such a problems? Any idea if it is Sony problem or not)

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