Random need help post - any lawyers?


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Hi guys, I usually live over on the LCD, Sky and PC parts of the forum, but I have a plea for help.

I'm skint, was pretty much upto my eyeballs in debt before I started to get it all back together over the last month or two, and I've just been sacked.

My employer has been paying me less than I should have been getting for some time, has a very clear reason for wanting rid of me and has finally found an excuse to do so and sacked me. Their reasons and procedures are all flawed, so much so that I can't help but think they don't have a leg to stand on, but I need to add structure and clear legal information (incl. case precedents if possible) to both my grievance I am raising and my appeal against dismissal (the appeal process is within the university at the first instance, then it goes to a tribunal or acas conciliation after this)

I am also having to submit a subject access request to reclaim my personal files and emails which access was terminated to immediately - some of this information is vital to my appeal and the appeal has a shorter timescale than the data protection request....

Issues are complicated by my recent applications for other jobs which there have been rumours of my line manager being restricted from providing references for (although I have checked with the university policy and he should provide one anyway)

If anyone can offer cheap or free legal advice, pref. by email as it'll take less of your time to look at stuff, then I would be most grateful and will endeavour to return the favour as soon as feasible to do so.

Solomon Grundy

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No use here mate but I wish you all the luck in the world on this one, try not to let things get you down...how are things looking on the job front? Do you have anything to go to?

Gary D

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i'm sorry to hear your plight. i cant offer you any advice except to say that if you are in a pile of debt you need to secure other employment asap. if you have an income to will be much easier to tackle the problem. if you try and tackle both at once it could be the end of you.

good luck matey, good luck.



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As a recent law graduate who specialised in employment law, the most important piece of advice I can give you based on what you've said is to find a specialist solicitor, now - don't dilly dally around with forum advice, particularly in an area which is so complex.

Most offer a free consultation period during which they can advise you on your chances of success. If you have a strong case (which you imply you do) then the solicitor will pay for itself.

Best of luck with getting a good result :smashin:

[Edit - If you need to find a solicitor, or really want to research the area a bit more in advance then Emplaw is a good place to start :)]


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aye, been looking at that this morning, off to c the cab soon ;)
Jon - I hope they deserve it, and that you can see it from their perspective :)

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