Rambo (Blu-ray) - £9.83 @ 101cd.com


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Hi guys,

Just a note that 'Rambo' is £9.83 over at 101cd.com
they also have 'Resident Evil: Extinction' for £9.88...

may be worth a look if anyone is after those titles! :smashin:


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Unfortunatly i honestly couldn't tell you.. was hoping someone might be able to tell me the same? if they are any good?

:thumbsup: cheers

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used 101 a long time ago and got the items fairly quickly, not used them since, but would have no probs ordering from them again.


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Anybody know if 101cd.com & blahdvd.com & dvd.co.uk & base.com are all one and the same????? Just very slightly different prices as far as I can see.

I know the last 2 are the same but base.com have Rambo for £9.95 with stock arriving in 2-3 days - just like the others say. Same new release list etc etc....

I know base.com are ok to order from as I have got from them recently so maybe just order from them to be safe.


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Ive ordered:-

First Knight
Planet Earth

Hope the get to me...

Riz :clap:

planet earth £29.99 at woolies!!! saw that the price was £35.93 on 101cd. hope u didnt pay that much


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Also the same price and in 2 for £18 offer @ Base.com

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Just been into town (Doncaster), and Game Station have a few blu rays under a tenner. Includes Rambo and Beowulf but I can't remember the others. All new, not second hand, but they've got some of those as well.

First time I've seen blu rays in stores at the right price:D

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