Ram upgrade vgn nw26m


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Can I upgrade my ram on my Sony vgn nw26m laptop from 4gb to 8gb? Is it just a case of swapping it over?
Also where do I find 2x4gb I can't find it anywhere


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Looking at the manual on the sony support website it appears to have a hatch in the bottom to allow easy access to the memory, so it should just be a case of swapping it over.

The manual doesn't specify what type it takes or what capacity sticks it'll accept. Looking at old listings suggests it's DDR2 and will take two 4GB sticks.

It shouldn't be too hard to find DDR2, plenty of people still have computers more than about five or six years old that use it so there's still a lot being traded. 4GB sticks are more expensive though as that was just about the biggest capacity they made. Where are you looking?


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eBay, Amazon and mr memory, no one has any, also is it easy enough to install a ssd hard drive? How would I get everything from one drive to the new one?

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