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Hi, I have a desktop built with an Asus Z370-G mATX board, Intel 9600k cpu, EVGA RTX2080XC GPU, Samsung 970 pro SSD, and two 16Gb Corsair vengeance LPX ram sticks at 3,000 MHz. I’m thinking of upgrading the ram for faster spec, but it seems that there’s not many options for 16gb sticks. Also with having a matx board, I think I need to stick to low profile types, and I do like the Corsair ones. But I’d rather by one 16GB stick than two 8GB ones, because, and I know this is overkill, but I plan to get up to the full 64GB just for future proofing and also because doing it but by bit is not too expensive. Also, I will probably change the motherboard and maybe fit a normal ATX size one and better cpu. But not sure what type of RAM to go for, have seen Corsair 3,200 MHz at C16 (all I know is this is something to do with latency and the lower the better), but also seen 3,600Mhz but C18. It seems that higher latency can be cancelled out with higher clock speeds but I don’t know by how much. But generally speaking, what do most people think would be better 3,600mhz C18 or 3,200mhz C16? I’ll probably go for the 3,200mhz, as it’s a lot cheaper. But are there other brands worth looking at? Many thanks for your help. Finally, is it worth upgrading to a 9900k cpu, or just wait for newer chipsets and boards?


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3600mhz ram 32gb (2x16gb) CL16
Amazon product
yes your better off with the c16 over the c18 , but you'll hardly noticed it anyway.

what you do want/need to do is buy two and make sure you use it in dual channel
one stick is no good for gaming - to get the best go with dual channel ...
then upgrade down the line when you can ..

i ain't no expert in ram , but the dual channel is a given when it comes to playing games ...

even if you buy one stick now , what's to say you get your hands on an other one (or three for that matter ) at a later date..

at least if you buy two now , you can use them , where as if you get one it will be pointless running only one stick ....

Buy in pairs dude !! :)


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Thanks for your reply. Don’t worry I’ll be buying in pairs. What I meant earlier was, there’s lots of kits for 2 x 8GB sticks. But I’d rather buy 2 lots of 16GB sticks. But even if that means not necessarily buying them both at the same time, but buying one and then an identical one in the future. I mean for now I have two 16GB 3,000MHz sticks. But I’m thinking of buying 2x16GB 3,200MHZ sticks. But I’ll see if I can run the 3,000Mhz ones overclocked to 3,200 (It did used to overclock to that, but when I selected the auto timings in the Bios, now I can’t go above 3,100 MHz. But what I might try is running all four sticks at 3,100Mhz and see how that runs. And I can either keep the slightly slower sticks. Or sell them, and then later down the line buy another two so I’ve got the max ram I can fit in motherboard. But didn’t want to fit 8GB sticks because that’d limit me to 32GB, which ok is fine for now, but ram prices have dropped quite a lot so I can buy a pair of 16GB 3,200Mhz sticks for £120, so buy them and either have 32GB running at 3,200-3,300 MHz, or see how I get on with a total of 64GB but running at probably 3,100Mhz, but if it doesn’t run well at that speed, just sell the 3,000 sticks and still got the faster 32GB, and then can buy the remaining two sticks a few months later. And then if I change motherboard, and that has more slots, can put more in if I wanted. Really want to buy a RTX3080 or 3090 now. Got RTX2080 and it’s overclocked but can’t have high graphics settings if I want to run at 4K resolution. But need a better processor also. But I’ve always been an Intel fan, so may wait until they support PCI 4.0. When I started building my current system, I thought my z370 would cope with future product upgrades easily but that chipset almost feels obsolete.


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Im going to pretend to know the in's and out's of ram ( as i don't )
but going from 3000 to 3200 will be waste of money i think*

if it was say 2666mhz or lower too 3400mhz or 3600mhz then yes the higher/fast the better , but going off what i'v seen the difference between 3000 and 3200 might give one or two extra FPS in games ( i gather this is gaming rig)
so too spend £200+ on RAM only to get a few extra FPS seems pointless imo

You say you want 64gb of RAM , would this used for some sort of editing machine as well ?

16gb if more than enough for gaming ( unless your play MS flight sim - then 32gb will be fine )


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Unless you are photo/video editing then upgrading RAM to 32gb is pointless. Never mind 64gb

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