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ive currently got 2x1gb sticks of ram, running at 200mhz.
would i be able to use 2 stick of 512mb ram in the other 2 slots on my motherboard? would it all run in dual channel and would i have any unusual stuff happen? anyone use this sort of setup right now?


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I dont see why you should have a problem unless the 512's are different speed to your 1GB.

Also if you are manually setting the timings make sure to get some ram with identical timings to your 1GB sticks.

In my dads laptop he had 256 or 512 (Cant remember) and he purchased a 1GB stick and kept the old one and it works flawlessly although quicker :)


you can but i think that can cause problems with memory controller on the cpu. More pressure on the memory controller and can be a nightmare if overclocking

I don;t think that you will see any significant increase with 3gb compared to 2gb from what i have read.

Nothing at present really pushes 2gb so three is just "willywaving":D


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i just thought itd give me a boost in game loading, especially BF2. i may try to borrow a gig from a mate and see how it goes first.


if you have 2gb already - that is plenty - BF2 plus all other processes running shouldn't go over 1.5gb worth of ram used.


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semiskimmed said:
i just thought itd give me a boost in game loading, especially BF2. i may try to borrow a gig from a mate and see how it goes first.

I think you'll find 3GB makes no difference at all to loading times. To make things faster you'll need a faster CPU and/ or a faster hard drive as that's what loads it.
You could try switching of your page file or make a new user account in your windows with nothing installed apart from your games and all the uncessary services disabled.


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2 things that I found made BF2 load faster are:

Rename the bf2.exe to something like bf21.exe. Also change your shortcuts as well. Try it and see the difference.

I moved my bf2 file from my sata1 drive to my sata 2 drive. That made a difference to my lading times and especially the time it takes to verify the data. Also as my sata2 drive is just for storage it hardly gets any fragmentation unlike my primary drive.


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bf2 loves memory and while it really wont affect loading times much, you should find in-game performance to be much smoother.

as for actually putting the ram in, it depends almost entirely on your cpu. if you've got an a64 you'll have problems ranging from running slightly slower to possibly not running at all depending on what core you have.

Winchesters were never certified for 400mhz using 4 sticks of ram, instead then defauly to 333mhz. they also had to run the memory at 2t rather than 1t, which affected performance anywhere from 5-10% alone, not including the decrease in mhz.

Venice cores can run 400mhz, but still at 2t

San deigo cores, to the best of my knowledge, can run 1t with some sticks.

regarding the mhz decrease with winchesters, you can just force the speed back up to 400mhz. dont expect it to work for you though.


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Although if you do a lot of stuff like digital photo editing then having even more RAM can help your computer run a lot smoother in Windows, task switching when you have a dozen high resolution photos open will be a lot faster.

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