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hi, i've put 2 sticks of 1gb ram in my laptop (max capacity 4gb) and it won't boot up, it goes to a screen offering safe mode, safe mode with prompts etc etc. whatever i choose it goes back to the same screen. i put one of my old 512mb sticks in with a 1gb and the computer boots to the aforementioned screen, i pick last known configuration and the pc goes into checking disk:c. when its complete it boots up. why won't it boot up with 2 1gb sticks in? why does it go to check disk when i put the 1gb and 512 mb sticks in?


Have you put the RAM into the correct memory slots?

Have you gone into the BIOS first to save the configuration?

Have you tried one stick at a time to see if it is just bad RAM?

Is the RAM from the same manufacturer and the same spec?


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