RAM Memory help! :)


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Hi All!

I have recently bought an Acer Aspire M3800. It has 4Gb of RAM installed and 2 free slots. I want to upgrade to 8Gb or 6Gb. I have read around the internet and can't find exactly what type of memory i need.

Could anyone tell me what speed (Mhz) memory i should buy, and maybe point me to the right direction? :thumbsup:

Here are some screenies if they help :)

Thanks a million in advance! :)


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what OS are you running?


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Paul Shirley

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Because I'm feeling mischievous tonight...

cool - some muppits try and put more than 4gb ram in a 32bit OS ;)
...and discover their PAE enabled 32bit Linux can use it all ;)

Apparently before Microsoft turned it off in SP2 even 32bit WinXP could do it :devil:

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