RAM install issue on white macbook


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Hi all,

Bought a new white macbook today and also got a 4gb ram kit on the way home. My question is that the first slot (looking down right hand side furthest from hard drive) installs fine but the left hand side when the orginally 1gb popped out a fine grey strip also seemed to come out with it, now I can't get any memory chips back into the slot as this grey strip seems to be blocking access. Has anyone had this issue before? I don't want to try and force anything, do you think I should return it to the Apple store for them to look at?



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Image of this silver cable in ram slot 2



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Never seen that before :eek: when I was upgrading the RAMs and HDD...Looks like if you don't get any wiser, you should drop by your nearest Apple Genius Bar for them to have a look before you risk a short-circuit.


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Yeah, really not happy about this at all :mad: This is my first ever Mac. I've updated and built so many PC's over the years and I get this :(

I'll be taking it back down to them tomorrow. The silver cable basically came out when the original RAM module popped out, hopefully they won't be awkward about anything. Do you think I should request a new system?


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i guess it depends on whether it's something that's easily fixed or not. if it's a defect with your macbook then i would ask for a replacement or for it to get fixed for free by apple...

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That metal strip just doesn't look right, you'll find that the Apple geniuses are very good and you should have an excellent repair done with minimum of fuss.


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that is strange,
the ribbon is held back dont understand how that even could have come loose,

if you shine a torch inside you can locate how the ram will sit and move the ribbon onto the right side and then put the ram back in,

if you got warranty on it then take it in to the apple store,

if no help there then i send you the right instruction page so you can see how to secure the ribbon back in place...


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Well took it back to the Apple store today and one of the Apple geniuses looked at it. It seems the cable belongs to the trackmat and it usually well glued down on to the motherboard, he wasn't happy about the problem and told the sales folk to give me a new macbook. It makes sense as last night the trackmat was really unresponsive and I was well unhappy with my purchase. I'm writing this from the new machine and it is much better, the genius bloke also installed the 4gb ram in store for me just to make sure there were no issues. I've just installed my 500gb scorpio into as well, so far, looking good. Now all I have to worry about is keeping it clean :eek:

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