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    I have a fully wired Rako in several rooms, with two RAKlinks and a total of 12 RAK4 boxes across the two RAKlinks. I'm using the Rasoft software to configure everything.

    I'm having a problem with a delay switching the lights off.

    Everything on one of the RAKlinks has a 4-sec delay when I switch it OFF (no delay switching ON). I get the same problem from the keypads, software and smartphone apps.

    Everything that's wired into the other RAKlink is fine - I can fully control the fade rate / delays with the software.

    I have checked the fade rates for room master controls and individual channels (by clicking on the Fade button below Ignore Options in the Channel Control dialog). All are identical to the "working" rooms & channels. I then clicked "refresh room", then uploaded the bridge and RAKlinks just in case.

    It can't be the plate setup, as it behaves the same with the software & smartphone apps.

    Is there anywhere else the fade rate could be set?

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