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RAKO RDS800C switched- Master raise/lower ?


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Hi, quick question for the RAKO experts on the forum. I had emailed RAKO directly, but no response as yet:-

I'm in the process of putting together a Rako system in a large
"family room" extension. One of the circuits in this room will be
intended for switched, non-dimmable flourescent uplighters for which I
wll use a RDS800C. This will be used in a scene with some dimmed
channels running from RDL250s & 500s, and I was wondering how will the
switched output will function when the master raise lower buttons are

For example, say I have all channels at 100% in a scene, and then
use the master lower button to drop the level of all channels, the
dimmable channels obviously start to dim, but what about the switched
device? Does it wait until the level reaches 0% before switching off,
or is there another threshold like 50% ?



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Hi There.

I'm not an expert on Rako, but had a quick look at the data sheet.

I don't think the RDs800 will respond when you send a command to
lower /raise the master because it is designed to work
with a physical switch.

So it'll either be on or off.


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The RDS800C does seem to respond to raise / lower commands in the way that it comes on.

I have just put two in on an install switching LED lighting and when programming it seemed to come on halfway through the other lights dimming up.

Once I changed the fade profile for the LED channels they came on almost instantly, but I didn't check the raise / lower buttons to see how they effected it.

If you can wait 'till Thursday I will be back on site and able to check it in a real install.




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Thanks for the responses guys. If it's not too much trouble Vex, I'd be really grateful if you could have manage a check when you are back on site.

I don't have my RDS800C's yet, so no rush. In fact I have a wanted advert running here to see if I can get some secondhand ( along with some other Rako stuff ).

Thanks again.
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Have you got the RAKO software?

If so you can use this to tell the switch circuit not to respond to the fade commands. Choose ignore options on the channels screen


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Have you got the RAKO software?

No, not yet. In my scenario I may just leave it to respond to fade commands, as it should save me one scene.

I have in mind an "all on" scene which includes switched uplighter bouncing off the ceiling. With the switched lights responding to lower button, I can use the same scene dimmed to have an all on dimmed without the uplighters.

The setup I am intending is one big kitchen/dining/living open plan area, so 4 scenes will be a bit tight. I can either split the room into zones, and have separate controllers ( which I understand can be setup for master/slave operation). Or I can try and cover all scenarios with the 4 scenes.

DIYlady, I noticed with interest your post about being able to combine channel based and scene based controllers in the same room, so that may be an option for individual control in the kitchen end.



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If 4 scenes is not enough you can "fudge" more scenes -

Buy a 14 key face plate, use the first set of keys for the 4 room scenes set up and then you can program the other keys using the software.

To make this work you will need the MB1. This is described as a timer, but also allows you to program individual keys on a key pad to turn on different lights via macros. You can also use it to, say, switch on outside lights at dusk


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With rako, when you send a command out (push a keypad button) every unit in the system will respond (you can see it happen, push a button and all the rako dimmers will flash their leds) but only the units you have programmed to react to that scene button will actually change the scene. I know this is an older post but I hope this is of some use to all using rako in the future,:thumbsup:

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