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Aberdeen Al

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Evening all,

This may sound like a silly question but I'll ask it anyway...

My 5amp circuit is used for lighting only......is it possible to wire the Rako Dimmer units to the mains cable (behind the plasterboard) rather on the flex from the wall socket to the lamp?




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Yes you could do, depends on how many 5 amp sockets you have you just need to make sure there's enough airspace around the rako unit to let the heat disperse.



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You should also make sue that you can access the module if you need to for repair/replacement should anything go wrong.

Aberdeen Al

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Spot on with the replies, I'm putting the Rako units up behind the sockets as theres plenty space and very cool (temperature wise) too.




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You are not supposed to wire fixed items into a mains circuit without them having their own isolation switch, so wiring in this way is contrary to wiring regulations and makes your installation non compliant (not to mention unsafe).

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