Rainbox Six 3 on XBox LIVE! Hints and Tips!

Discussion in 'Xbox Forums' started by Sessen Ryu, May 4, 2004.

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    Been playing RS3 for a while now and consider myself okay at it. Only recently started playing the game on LIVE! though..

    ...it's a completely different game isn't it!?? Everyone seems really good - how the hell do they target your head so quickly??

    I've played it for a few hours and am improving (think I've racked up a total of 60 kills and i've been killed well over 200 :)

    ..but just wondered - has anyone got any hints and tips? (I'm fully aware that practice counts for a lot).

    My main priorities atm are:

    - Learning the maps well.
    - Become more accurate with the controller in order to line someone's head up quicker.
    - Become more accurate with the controller in order to always be in a position where an enemy may appear.

    Any help appreciated!

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