Rainbow Six Vegas Players Required For Lag-fest!


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This is to get Achievement for the 'Master of Ceremonies'.

Looking for the 17 people required to join 16 players on dedicated server matches to get/trade the 'master of ceremonies' achievement that without the help of fellow forum members will probably not get myself.

The idea behind it is, if there are enough people interested everyone that 'signs up' or registers their interest in getting this arranges to meet and trade.
The trade being that we keep going through setting up a dedicated server with the players interested until everyone has this oddball of an achievement.
The trade part is important as it won't work for everyone if people that get the MoC drop out once they have it, so ensure you are up to the long haul to avoid disappointing other parties.

Appreciate not everyone is on at the same time of day as I am usually on from 10pm through the week but for a quick couple of sessions can do anytime most nights after 7pm through the week or various times am/pm on weekends.
In no rush as such and could even meet once a week or night whatever the majority rules as they say.

To make things fair I reckon that we would work through the list in the order that people put themselves forward to get the achievement.
If the games are set up at 3 min's it could be done in within a 1 1/2 hour session (with all the setting up and what have you) although I reckon this could be tedious. Would probably be better spreading it out over a few nights and doing it in blocks.

As a suggestion in addition to that each person that sets up their match/server could request to make things a little less naff by for example:-

I personally would like a pistols only match on streets for nice packed map with much bodies and mayhem as if you are to get the MoC it might as well be enjoyable and not just about the achievement.

Hope that the interest is there as bug's me that I won't get the clean sheet without this. Open to suggestions or changes.

Also I would anticipate a fair bit of lag when doing this which is another reason for posting here with the Euro players (green- ping) to hopefully reduce the lag effect


The hopeful candidates (gamer tags):-
Please post below and I will edit list to include your tag.

1. c j wal (me)
2. Robertjones207
3. pixelpixel
4. Spidey987
5. Dino2020
6. appz
7. f13ldy80
8. jason cfc
9. Quack Candle
10. Jirvinator
11. Captain Speedy
12. Sambo 5916
13. oasismark
14. JustinJ004
15. theVman 84
16. Neon Wilderness
17. Darth jedi X


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I managed to get it doin something similar a while back but happy to help some fellow av's. just give us a shout if am on if help is needed:thumbsup:

Gamertag: Skiprat11


Deleted member 63580

count me in as long as its at a prearranged time I can do :)
tag :- Dino2020


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I managed to get it doin something similar a while back but happy to help some fellow av's. just give us a shout if am on if help is needed:thumbsup:

Gamertag: Skiprat11


Many thanks!! Will call on if needed.

I know in theory this sounds easy, just hope that it works in practice.:blush:

Will see how many more responces we get and with any luck by the weekend fingers crossed matches can be arranged.:)


(list updated)


Yeah go on then. I'll never get it otherwise.

Gamertag: f13ldy80

[email protected]

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If you cant be bothered with this you can do the following instead

1) Make sure you are going to be away from your xbox for about 8 hours, maybe before you go to sleep
2) Set up a 16 player A&D on Calypso Casino and Border Town (favourite maps)
3) Set it to 20 minutes
4) And 10 rounds per match (Optional!)
5) Unlimited time between matches as people will complain if they don't have sufficient time to change their equipment (Note: You may wish to opt for 60 seconds)
6) Leave your Xbox on over night
7) Look at your 15 new gamerscore the next morning!

Captain Speedy

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count me in if you want


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Yeah i'll join, i have no R6 mates.

I've just FR'ed people on the list for some normal R6 games aswel.


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Just a few more bodies required!!
:thumbsup: Hopefully things will continue to workout.

If all else fails there seems to be the option [email protected] has put forward as a all back.

Will wait till friday to see how things progress overnight and then if we are somewhere near start to make arrangements for matches and times etc.

Trust this is ok with everyone?



Haven't played r6v for a while, im sure i'm as good as ever though :)

Count me in too.


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Count me in if you need an extra body. My best time for doing it is fri and sat nights after 10 or maybe later.

Btw i thought to get the achievement you just had to fire the game up with 16 players playing and the achievement was unlocked straight away? I was in a room doing it once and as soon as the game started they closed the room and sent out invites again. Maybe i'm wrong.

Gamertag - Neon Wilderness


Forgot to mention, i can get online any evening after 9pm if i'm home.

Robot of Doom

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if you still need players count me in :) not too fussed about the achievement just would be nice to play some games without being kicked for no reason at all!

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