Rainbow Six Three VGA Problem

Tokoloshe Man

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Can't seem to get the old Xbox Rainbow Six Three to work with my VGA cable, anyone else having this problems or have any solutions.


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probably the same situation as the outfit demo etc.

Will need to be in 60hz or 50hz specifically one if you get what I mean. Check the outfit demo thread.


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Jazz Monkey Jr said:
There is no sloution apart from using composite or SCART instead.

Yup, what JM said. He assisted me before trying to get it to work and this was the only solution. :rolleyes:


og xbox games only work on vga if they support 60hz or so says xbox.com


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It's because the current VGA cables don't support 50Hz, so Xbox games that don't support 60Hz will not work through it, e.g. Halo and UK Doom 3.

Cowden_harley said:
so it doesnt work with component?
Component works fine with all Xbox games that are BC.

If you need to access the display settings to change between PAL-50 and PAL-60 though (component), you have to flick the switch to TV and then do it, then flick it back to HDTV. It doesn't auto switch.

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