rainbow on optoma h50




I got one of the optoma H50's about a week ago, had a demo and it looked great no rainbow.

Got it home, set up and started to notice rainbows after a few hours. Trouble is now that I have seen one I can see them all the time.

Is there anyway to stop this? or is my only option to trade it against a lcd rather than a dlp. Can I be traded at all?

Or have I just bought a clanger.:eek:


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Here is a salutory lesson for anyone considering a single-chip DLP device and is immediately attracted by the blackness of black from these.

I am not aware of any solutions, although it may be possible to up the refresh rate with an external scaler/processor. Others here will know more than I on this topic.

Peter Parker

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I have heard of people getting used to rainbows, and no longer or rarely see them after they have put a further few hours on the machine.

Living with it may help to acclimatise to it, but if you have to take it back within a certain time period, you may not have this luxery.

Did you increase the brightness? Sometimes a brighter image can make them more noticable IIRC.



Hi All

Well I have the Christmas period to play with it. If things don't improve then my only option is to replace it.

Its a shame because I like the projector.

Thanks for your advise. Best regards zombie001

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