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Rainbow effect on new projector - hardware or brain fault!?


Standard Member
Hi all,
Just got my first DLP projector (HD700x) through today and after setting it up and running it for 25 minutes I noticed I was feeling incredibly unwell and was nearly sick due to an excessive amount of 'rainbowing'.

Having read around I wanted to know if this was an issue with the projector itself or I'm one of the people who are succeptable to this effect?

Interestingly, after about an hour each time I have turned it off and on again it doesn't really seem to affect me. Thus I'm wondering if it the machine 'settling down' or indeed my eyes doing the same thing?

Wondering is someone can help

Cheers :)


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It will be you rather than the pj,you may find it lessens as the bulb dims with age (100hrs or so) or your eyes/brain get used to the effect.

It is the projector causing this issue but you either see it or you don't.Some people see it worse than others.

If it's as bad as you say I doubt it will go away so you will probably have to sell it and get an LCD or Lcos projector which is a different tech which does not display rainbows.


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As you are probably stuck with it, there are a few things you can try:

Get hold of a (decent Hoya HMC or similar) Neutral Density filter "ND2" should be OK: This will dim down the image, which can sometimes reduce the effect apparently. It will give deeper blacks too at the expense of brightness. When the lamp dims a bit with age you can remove the filter. Along similar lines try using the lower lamp setting (if you're not already).

In the meantime, try simply turning the contrast level down a bit as this will also dim the image (at the expense of overall contrast) and will help see if you can 'get over' the effect.

Try sitting further away, or make the image smaller.

Some say that they become used to the effect after a while, I wasn't so sure so I didn't commit to a DLP after I noticed the effect on many scenes, so I can't comment on that score. I hope you find you can become immune to it though.:)


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Thanks for the replies guys.
At the mo seem to have adjusted ok and not noticing it as much, certainly not making me feel ill anymore!
I noticed when I set the Pj to 'bright' mode I cannot notice it, but when I put on the 'user' option, which is my preferred viewing mode due to richer blacks and better overall detail, it seems worse.
I'll pick up the filter you suggest and give that a go.

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