Rainbow 6 3 now cracked


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Had a note from XMCC stateing that it had come to their attention that the R6 disk has now been cracked as the RTCW
was you my find the following examples :lesson:

God mode - unlimited health
mix and mact of guns - M60 as the main gun m16 side arm
unlimited Grenades and so on

How comes the yanks destroy everything :mad:

suppose the simple answer os dont join a yank server also
could this be reported to Xmcc & microsoft lets stop the cheatiing bastards :mad:


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Never liked playing them anyway, most of them are a bunch of assholes.



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One hack is to have all primary weapons. Another is to change the amount of ammo you have, and the number of grenades. Some saves are on geocities site that give you 12 grenades and molotov cocktails.
There is a thread on this on xbox scene. seems easy to do and you can apparently download a hacked save from xbox saves.com

Oh and using the grenade launcher, making weapons silent etc etc.

You need a modded xbox to do these things, but not to download and use the saves.

A rumoured one is to start unlocking some maps for Terroist hunt etc.
So what out guys.....looks like there are more and more cheats appearing each day.


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I knew this is why I kept getting shot!!! :D

Hmmm.... or is it I really am just crap at this game?


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Simple thing to do is if you encounter anyone using these Hacks just report them to M$ - Dont just use the feedback, cheating option. Email M$ and hopefully we will get rid of these scumbags.
Thankfully i host my own server so i would kick(+email M$) any scum that tried it on my Games.
The Worse Hack though is the crash hack - someones joins your server and makes it crash/ shut down :mad:


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Yeah watch out for people who join with strange characters in their name, like &* etc. or name thats have colours in them.
ONly normal days it wont affect us lot 'cos of tehh server always being full with us guys, but watch out on your team games.


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it'll take more than unlimited health and silent grenade launchers to kill us lot, eh chaps!

.. I say "bring it on!"


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btw, don't check my stats next time we're online, there seems to be somekind of error in how mine are processed - I'm not really that cack ;)


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Wonders if he should step in and say I told you so, to all the people who say X-Box Live is better than online PC due to no hacking :p


Seriously though hacking online games does suck :(


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not worried as the norm is for me to die

and if cap keeps getting killed we will know the hack is in use:D

so we then kick


Had an e-mail from xmcc, they are aware of the crack and asking anyone who comes up against these dicks from the cheating scum whole known as the u.s.a to send them the gamer tags of people using this cheat, they will then report them to microsoft who will then ban the "p**s ants" for good


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