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Raiders of the Loft- Front/Rear Effect Speakers?

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Speakers' started by jpo, Jan 25, 2005.

  1. jpo


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    Amazing what you find hidden in the darkest recesses of your loft.. I'm thinking about replacing my single rear centre effect speaker with a pair of something else... Thoughts on which of my 'loft left overs' might be best where please?

    The main speakers are Eltax Chroma's - Floor, Centre and bi-pole for the sides. Currently have a pair of Gale Satellite 10's as front effects.. The reare effect is a single Eltax Symphony Centre - Sounds nice.. Just found a pair of Gale 2i's lurking in the loft, they look somewhat more substantial than the the satellite 10's. I was thinking of replacing the front effect Gale Satellite 10's with the Gale 2i's, and then moving the Gale Satelletite 10's to the rear as effect speakers..

    Now, I know I can just try it and see, and probably will, but does anyone here have any thoughts/experiences in this sort of setup? As this is a zero expense change, it's the ionly viable one at the present.


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