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Discussion in 'Home Cinema Speakers' started by trebor2, Aug 24, 2003.

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    Now got my amp and DVD player, so wish to access 6.1 surround sound.

    Should I do this my purchasing just another centre?

    Or should i take advantage of 7.1 and purchase another set of stereo speakers?

    i can easy install another centre right behind my listening position, but how do I install an additional set of stereo rears??

    The existing rears, are firing just behind me right in the corner of the room - the seating postion is hard up against the rear wall. But I do have a high window sill being to sit a centre speaker. I could fit two rears on there as well - do they just fire over the listenign position????
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    Try this link for rear speaker placement, http://www.dolby.com/ht/Guide.HomeTheater.0110.html#s3.2, basically they should be just above you about 70-100cm and facing across the room at each other.

    If you have 7.1 avaliable I would use it, I have my centre rear’s on a windowsill directly behind me, I found that If I put the two speakers equal distance away from my position about 3 foot facing directly towards each other this worked quite well, you may find that pointing them slightly back towards the window will diffuse the sound.

    The other option is to place a single centre behind your sofa firing upwards I have also found this to work quite well, a single speaker on the windowsill directly behind you may be a little too over-powering but give it a try.

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