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Hi Cas

Thanks for the review.

I have seen this and thought it was really good. Rosamund Pike did a really great job of being a woman in a man's world scenario.

Although parts were a bit odd overall I thought the movie kept me interested all the way through.

Still I think for most, this is worth viewing if you are interested in the subject matter and Rosamund Pike's performance is worth the running time.



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Thanks for the Review Cas,
Sounds interesting - will watch out for it on Prime


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Yet another film that seems to be only released in DVD. (See also Mark Ruffalo’s Dark Water - also not to be available on HD, let alone 4K). I just don’t get it. i know I’m not Joe Average, but why would I consider purchasing a 480p disc to view on a 92” PJ screen? It looks truly awful.

Joe Average Probably does own a 40-55” 4K TV these days, and 480p would look pretty poor on that too.

How, in 2020, is DVD still alive? It should surely at least be released in 1080p even if it’s not considered to be blockbustery enough for 4K Bluray release.

Isn‘t it about time that 480p DVD was consigned to the same end as mini disc and VHS? Do the studios actually want us to kill off discs and stream everything? Because in the two examples I’ve cited here, that appears to be the only way to view them in HD and above.

The studios must think that anyone who appreciates good picture and sound must have mutton for brains and only wants to watch Transformers in 4K. Surely I can’t be alone in wanting to see well acted, well scripted dramas in high quality picture and sound too?

Here endeth the rant.


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Enjoyed this one even tho there was hardly any publicity.

Great cast, script and story.
Pike is brilliant....


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