Radio Shack spl meter: Digital vs Analog


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Radio Shack spl meter: Digital vs Analog
any preference: Radio Shack spl meter: Digital vs Analog?
Slow or fast?



I don’t use these in AV but have used an SPL meter for different scenarios to do with measuring SPL of equipment and spaces - so not so much at various frequencies which I assume is where you are coming from? Meters I have used are calibrated - meter and microphone seperately - but the calibrated input of those is suitable for the work. From memory is was say 95dB A weighting but the point is it wouldn’t suit AV work most likely. It and the calibration was all a lot more expensive than the RS meters as well I can assure you! :)

Sound is an analogue input so any difference between the digital and analogue readings is down to the quality of the components that change the input into the output.

A search shows RS SPL meters have been widely checked and digital or analogue provides a pretty basic level of accuracy that is close enough for pretty average setting up of audio gear. I’m not sure a comparison between the RS digital and analogue meters would show up anything that would make one better than the other given their underlying lack of calibrated accuracy (according to a myriad of forums and sites form a basic search about the RS SPL meters that is).

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