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Radio remote relays on the cheap

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Control & Remote Controls' started by Dodgey, Jan 11, 2004.

  1. Dodgey


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    I've copied this post from the screen forum as I think a lot of you might find it useful...

    "OK, you are going to like this :)

    I've been researching, and spending :)


    It is a key fob (radio) operated relay board. So now, I will be able to hit a button on a keyfob and the screen will come all the way down. Hit it again, and it will go up. I will leave the manual rocker switch in place (in series) so if the r/c fails, I can still operate the screen. The kit can be ordered pre-made if you don't like electronics. I have actually ordered the 4 channel version (you only really need one channel) so I can switch my "behind screen" lamps on and off remotely :)

    If you are worried about the complexity, don't. It's dead simple electronics. You feed the relay board 8-12 volts with a standard power supply/dropper. Then, run a pair of wires from the up and down wires for the screen to the "NC" and "ND" terminals of the deisred relay (the basic has 2 channels, you only need one) and run a permanent live to the "C" terminal of the relay. (assume the screen is live switched, if it is neutral switched then run a neutral to the "C" terminal instead.

    Hey presto! Eaqch press of the button will send the screen to the top ot bottom. You could of course wire it so you have to hold one button for up, and one for down, but that would be missing the point! Mind you, with the 4 channel version you could have one button for all-up/all-down and then separate buttons for manual up and down"

    Update - a copule of days after my original post I have it all working. I now have a 4 button key fob. Button one drops and lifts my PJ screen. Button 2 turns on and off my two front lamps, and button 3 turns on and off my standard lamp.

    All for £45! sweet

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