Radio presets/memory - lasts for how long with no power?


I'm looking to purchase a hi-fi for a elderly relative and have a very stupid question I was hoping someone could help me with please.

This relative has poor eyesight, so I want to set up all his favourite radio stations on the presets, so he can get to them easily without struggling to tune them in each time. I thought DAB would help as it self tunes to a certain extent, and he could remember Radio 5 is the up button five times or something, but unfortunately some of the stations are on MW/AM so it will have to go down the memory route.

This isn't a problem, but he always turns everything off at night, completely. Not on standby, but off. I've tried to search how long the memory presets would last without any power and so far I've found Sony are the best at around 12 hours without any power, but it would be great to find something that lasts longer.

Does anyone know of something that has a good internal battery that lasts for sometime, or is 12 hours the most I can hope for?

I'm trying to find a hi-fi with cassette/CD/DAB/MW for around £100 if anyone knows a good one?

Thank you :)


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I doubt the pre-sets will last overnight. Maybe a few minutes, but not 8 to 10 hours. Put the HiFi on a separate plug and tape up the switch so it cannot be turned off - it's what my G'Ma did on her own accord!

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