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Jo Wiley has been raving all week about retro gaming, she's amazed! (arnt they supposed to be with it?) and they're giving away a prize of... wait for it....'a game console that lets you play all your old favourites on your *own* TV!!!!' and if you want you can play right through to the early hours!
wooo I want one.
what does it mean by "own tv" ?

im not suprised they are doing that actually, retro gaming is more popular than these next-gen games these days
I have Outrun with MAME but there is something wrong with it you don't get enough time to complete the first stage?
and it is not my crap driving HELP.........................:suicide:

There is something with the controller setup, there doesn't seem to be a way to put it into high gear.....

So you lose out on all your speed, I haven't worked it out yet, been too lazy :p
has anyone worked it out yet (bowler?) because it is one of my fave games ever and I can't even do the first stage :(

cheers Dave.
hi press the tab key and go to "input this game"

and configure p1 buttons 3 and 4 to your pad this should be gear up and down

at least thats how i did it

Tried it it still doesn't work, I did notice that if you go to the input test screen that if you push the joystick half forward you get high gear than push it fully forward you get low gear?
but the point that you get high gear is very small so you have no chance of keeping high gear.
I think my joystick is configured wrong.

cheers Dave.
I might only work on the latest version of MAME?
still not working what else can I try?

pm me your email address and ill send you my outrun cfg file that might work
Close out of MAME and then delete all of your configuration files, and then goto the nvram and delete the file for the game in question if there is an nvram file for it.

Then try and configure it.
hi Sc
I tried that config file but no luck it still doesn't go into top gear, it may be a problem with my joystick it is a raider pro with six buttons on it but I think it is analog.
does Outrun only work with a digital joystick?

i dont know mate i use a ms sidewinder and it seems to play everything

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