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Hi all

Sorry, bit of a wordy post. Skip to the last paragraph to get straight to the point.

I recently replaced my trusty Scala Rider FM bluetooth headset with a Midland BT2, because the Scala didn't support streaming from my iPhone. I'm very happy with the change except for one thing - I miss my radio in the morning! I have a couple of apps that stream internet radio, but require a good phone signal to work, so I get various periods on my ride where I have no reception.

I decided to try a DAB radio and went for the cheapest I could find, which was a Philips DA1102 through eBay. I am very disappointed with the result, because the signal is just not strong enough. I think the nub of the problem is down to the fact that the unit, like most personal radios, uses the headphone lead as an antenna. I intend to stream the music using a Sony TMR-BT10 bluetooth transmitter, so I think the cord for this is a suitable replacement for the hedphones. To test this theory, I tried using the Midland's stereo cable to connect the unit, and there was no improvement.

I am loathe to try a different brand of DAB radio because I don't think the results will be any better. I'm also concerned that a personal FM radio (possible candidates here and here) will suffer from interference for the same reason (naff antenna).

What I don't understand is that my old Scala headset (admittedly mono) managed to get a signal just fine without the need for an external antenna. Surely I should be able to expect the same performance from a dedicated device?

Does anybody have any recommendations for an FM radio solution? I'm happy to go with a mono unit if there is such a thing.

Ta very much.


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