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Radio controlled MSF clock


Active Member
Sent for a KLIK MSF analogue kitchen clock, via a Magazine offer and it arrived today. After putting in the battery and following any other instructions I have noticed that the time is 'out' by about 1 minute and this doesn't seem to correct itself after several hours, or even re-inserting the battery.

I was wondering whether this is, in fact, a mechanical error in manufacture i.e. setting the minute hand inaccurately on its spindle.

I'll see what happens in the next 12 hours or so and then remove the 'glass' front, held by six small screws on the back plate, and see if I can move the minute hand to correct this, if it does not correct itself - frankly cannot be bothered, at this time of the year, sending it back perhaps only to be replaced with another with a similar fault.

Both bedroom ROBERTS MSF clock radios, having both analogue and digital faces behave faultlessly and time is spot on with respect to the radio pips etc.

Any comments would be gratefully received.


Standard Member
My MSF clocks play up if there are strong radio emissions in the room. Sometimes they will not get the signal until the clock is put near a window and the offending source neutralised until it gets in sync. I've had similar problems where it was 10 mins. out and it stays like it until it receives the signal.


Distinguished Member
Take the kitchen clock to the bedroom then go through the setup procedure again just to be sure.



Active Member
Take the kitchen clock to the bedroom then go through the setup procedure again just to be sure.


Yes, I had not thought of doing that, but the fact that it is setting the time rapidly every time but is showing an error of about 1 minute makes me believe that it might be quality control and/or cheap mechanics.

I have had the front glass off and the hands and spindles are very flimsy and light and have pushed the minute hand forward slightly, although some of this movement may just be transferred to a clutch-like mechanism inside and not actually moving the hand on the spindle.

On starting up again, the time looks better and seems much closer to that of other accurate clocks and so i'll see what it is like tomorrow morning with the BBC Radio 4 breakfast 'pips'.

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