Radio Controlled Cars

Hey all,

After watching the gadget show and always wanting one as a kid, i'm thinking about getting a radio controlled car, I don't want something amazing which I can tune and upgrade etc.

I want to buy it, use it, charge it.....bout it!

I'm looking at these 2, I think they are the same, what do you guys think?

Are they any good?



Not sure on any of those two ..sorry

But when i was a kid (8/9 ) my dad took me to the local park , it had a Huge pond , he then gave me a remote control and told me he had brought me a remote controlled submarine ....days i spent trying to raise the imaginary sub...git :D
Lmao that's brilliant!

My last RC car when I was about 12...i drove into a pond to see if it could float, it did!

Shame the pond is massive and it floated away into some wreeds and that was that.


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i love RC cars, i'd get ya cash out though and spend at least 70 quid and buy something decent. you can get a full tamiya ready to run car for that. cheap ones are rubbish... slow and consistently larking about with problems. a popular brand will mean spares come easier... and you'll need em!

beware though, they can become boring very quickly if you run them on your own!
That's very true m8 and what i'm thinking is this is just one of them "ooo i want" phases and i'll get bored 2 days later.

If i get that 1 cheap then i'll grab, otherwise I may just leave it, as I will just be using it on my own sadly :( (billy no mates :p )
lol I won it for £11 del :D

It seems to be the same model as that other one which is £35 del, for £11 I will take a chance I guess.

Will post back when it arrives with what it's like :)



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El Robin,

You could always go for a mini 1-36th scale model RC car or helicopter. They cost about £60 at most, and can be used indoors, on work-surfaces, and are meant for use on desk tops at work, as a bit of amusement.

I'd recommend getting in contact with a local or national radio control store. "Modelsport" in Otley, in Yorkshire are superb. Here's some of the models I think might be worth a looksie at:

Losi Micro T Cars (1/36th Scale)

Micro Helicopters

A decent Mini Helicopter model

Most of these are battery operated, so can be safely used indoors or out, depending on weather and surfaces. If you want a proper RC vehicle though, your best bet is to decide whether you want a car or plane/helicopter, how much you are willing to spend, and whether or not you want to run electric (battery-operated) or nitro (special model fuel required to power a model Internal Combustion engine) model.

Ideally, you should be looking to spend £200-£300 for a decent car, with all the gear and stuff. Buying cheap, low-end vehicles that are really just jumped-up toys for big kids, will be a waste of cash. Go to your local hobby shop, or peruse some of the numerous Radio Control vehicle magazines in larger branches of WH Smiths and other newsagents.

Above all, don't just rush into buying a cheaper model, just because it's cheap. You'll quickly get bored of it. Spend a decent amount, and you can then get much more enjoyment. And some of the 1-10th and 1-8th scale RC Nitro cars can exceed speeds of 50-60mph with ease, so are incredibly powerful to run!


P.S. The Subaru you won on e-Bay won't be a true RC car. :( It looks like it's a glorified kids toy, and I think you'll find you've been sold a cheap Chinese or Far Eastern model car, that's going to drive slower than a snail crawling backwards on its shell. :eek: For £11, I think you've been fleeced, because the ad never specifies what the name of the manufacturer is, and I've a sneaking suspicion it's going to be a real cheap-and-nasty no-name one. Sorry for that opinion, though I hope it's not a cheapo vehicle. :)


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It looks like the one I bought my nephew a few years ago, dont know if it is the same but his had trouble driving about on carpet and had no chance outside unless it was on tarmac. All these things will look the same but there will probably be a big difference in performance between the cheaper ones and the ones that cost £100 in the shops.

The one for my nephew only cost about £25.
Thanks for all the info guys, will check out the links provided.

I hope it's not as bad as you think it is lol, if it is crap then lesson learnt eh! I really hope it's not that bad though.....but like you say, I now have a suspicion it is, let's hope i'm pleasently suprised eh.

I'm not sure about spending too much money on them at the moment, I just want to dip my toe in, so to speak and see how I get on.

Will post back with the results...hopefully we're all suprised lol.

Thank You


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My mate used to race them, he had a Yokomo petrol-driven car with so many modifcations that it ended up being able to fly at 80 miles per hour. It cost him over £600 to construct though. I've always wanted to build it from scratch, not to race it but just to build one, and HPI cars were the ones I liked the most. The RS4 rally was the pinnacle car for me.


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Hi Again,

The car I'd like (that I can afford to buy/run, race or bash about, and still looks cool as well) is this one, from Losi.

It's nice to look at, a good vehicle to race or bash with, 4WD and runs on Nitro fuel too, so not too expensive. Plus, at 1/8th scale, it's not too bulky to carry around.

Ideally, if I could afford too, I'd get this one.

Sadly, though, I'd be unlikely to find a space to race it on, plus it's absolutely huge in its physical size (about 3ft long, 2ft high and 2ft wide) because it's 1/5th scale, and it runs on a very, very loud 26cc petrol-driven engine, so you need a giant space to race this beast! :eek: Still, I might be tempted to get one for the price, if I could ever find somewhere safe to use it. (I'd dread to think just how noisy it actually is. :eek: ) Plus, the £500 covers just the vehicle. All the electronics and radio gear would add another £300 or so on top for good quality stuff, making it almost as expensive to buy as a cheap, real, second-hand car! And, yes, you'd even have to get the petrol from a local garage too, to run this particular model car on!


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