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New independent label set up by the former Arrow Director of Content Fran Simeoni.
Will update this thread with announcements as I do with the Arrow thread :)

Statement from 27th May 2022:
Today is my last day @ArrowFilmsVideo After twelve amazing years I've decided to move on and try my own thing. It's been a hell of a journey that I've been privileged to be a part of, made some amazing friends and had incredible experiences.

I'm so proud of all I've achieved and leave behind a great team who will continue to do brilliant work. I couldn't believe it then and can't now. I got to work on some of my most cherished films and made real discoveries along the way too.

Too many amazing titles to name Dassin, Boro, Bavas, Miikes, Taviani, Night of the Hunter, Rosi, Petri, Sullivan's Travels, Rivette, Ludwig, Thief, noirs, Olmi, Cronenberg, Carpenter, Kieslowski, Jodo, De Palma, Ring, Ferrara, Park, Human Condition, Imamura, Fukasaku on and on...

Arrow will continue to release amazing films but hope you'll check in on my future endeavours
where I'll be focused on BD releases of more favourites and discoveries, with a slightly different bent to Arrow. It's empty now but I'll be adding things as they get done.

Fran/Radiance post (from BR forum) gives an idea of what you can expect from the label:
Hi everyone,

Thanks so much for your support and all these messages, which is so encouraging to read.

I can't get into too many specifics right now but will say the majority of the suggestions are fantastic and right where I want to be. Certainly I'm looking to cover a wide spectrum of films and don't want to in one finite area as some labels are. Great films can be found in all films from all countries. I certainly want to cover neglected films and modes of filmmaking, certainly in terms of their BD representation but I do like broader films and certainly won't discount them. I'll definitely need to pay the bills and starting off with the most challenging films here probably wouldn't be wise. However I am certainly going to be taking risks and presenting some challenging films so I hope people are up for making discoveries. I watched a film this weekend which has 18 votes on IMDb so not everything is going to be known!

From the suggestions here I think most are on the right track. I look forward to unveiling our launch slate as it comes together!

To answer some questions which I believe came up:

Fidelity in Motion/David Mackenzie will do the majority if not all of the encoding/authoring.

We'll be Blu-ray focussed but will consider UHD if it is commercially/technically viable (I will say there are some releases out there I think don't do the format justice or lack technical credits to really justify it so unless a master is up to scratch, i.e. as we did at Arrow then we won't bother with a UHD).

Packaging will be full height scanavo with booklets, and these will be more text than image (films are rare and likely need lots of context). Every release will be limited due to the nature of the titles. Some releases might not have a follow on 'unlimited' release, this will be for commercial reasons but also in being able to take some risks might be the only way to release them - more on this later. Titles that have a longer life will have a separate standard release with a normal clear case and sleeve and no booklet.

We are on the hunt for QC support so if any reviewers dwell here please DM to discuss, we are looking for reviewers with published reviews to point to as a reference and will need a spec of the kit used please.


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