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Discussion in 'Microsoft Windows' started by gphillips, Mar 20, 2006.

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    I have been trying to decide what is the best method to send the video from the Media Centre to my bedroom LCD, I had finally decided agaist the Xbox Extender due to the C4 stuttering and lack of DivX support, so decided to use a run of Coax and a "Tv-Link" to control the remote commands.

    I have purchased a cheap TV-Modulator to genrate an RF signal containing Audio and Video from the audio mini jack and yellow composite video connector on my MSI board. To my dissapointment it appears that I cannot output both S-video (to my main TV) and composite (to the modulator)at the same time!

    Whilst the card appears physically capable, the system refuses to send video outuput to either S-Video or Composite when the two cables are connected at system start. Bios is OK but as soon as WIndows starts both channels appear blank.

    THis is a big downer, does anybody have any ideas?

    Im running into all kinds of obsticles getting this piped upstairs !


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