Radeon to standard widescreen tv



What are the best settings (powerstrip or otherwise) to get a 16:9 display on your widescreen tv? I understand there is an issue to playing games on a widescreen - any info greatly appreciated!

Or is there a better solution than a Radeon?
I am waiting for an ATI All-In-Radeon board to turn up for testing. I am looking to provide a solution for owners of standard and widescreen tv's, as well as projectors.

Whilst I have seen a lot of info on perfecting the image for a projector or HDTV (US forums), very little has been said about performance on the good old TV.
Previous messing around with s-video outs on equipped m'boards has only given me a 4:3 image with poor image quality.

Is powerstrip and resolution tweaking the answer, or is a tv really not up to the job? Or should I throw the radeon out of the window in favour of something else?

We have the audio side well and truly nailed down on out HTPC product, now its just the not so easy bit of the video!


Martin Dunn
Platypus Solutions

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