Radeon Drivers Support Interlaced Output


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Sorry if this is old news, but I just downloaded the latest radeon drivers, and interlaced resolutions worked without any hassles (using VGA - I don't have DVI). :clap:


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Must admit I never knew they didn't support 'i' output .. but what application have you got that gives you the need interlaced? I'm curious. :)


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I'm glad you asked! I've got an NTSC HDTV that supports 1920x1080i. :)

Interlaced resolutions open up a variety of resolutions which are unobtainable at 540p (eg. 1280x1024i). TV and DVD playback at 1080i looks great. The extra vertical resolution does make some difference when scaling PAL sources.

The radeon drivers have been a continual problem for interlaced output.


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Oooh nice ... what material are you viewing at HD, that satellite I would guess.


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I wish!! No hi-def sources, unfortunately - I'm just viewing regular standard PAL definition sources, and the occasional high-def video from the internet, although these often stutter on my PC. The best source I use is PAL DVD's, with the Nebula coming a close second.

Still, my NTSC HDTV, when combined with an HCPC, makes a nice display for PAL sources! Better IMO than most of the PAL big screens that I've seen in the shops.

I believe that 540 lines (NTSC), isn't really enough (especially after overscan) for PAL viewing. Hence I use 1080i. But in all honestly, the difference (when viewing DVD's/TV) at 540p vs. 1080i isn't huge. But it is also useful to have more desktop space sometimes (some programs require at least 800x600), and some games will run at 1280x1024i.

One day I hope to find a satellite box that outputs at 1080i @ 60hz. That would solve some problems, especially if the satellite material is high-def.

Chris Muriel

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The Integra IT912S will do 1080i 60Hz.
I don't know of an offical EU source however ; they're trying to set one up as they intend to have Euro1080-capable units (with Irdeto or CI CAM) later this year.
The current European source (emailed to me by Integra.kr) is
Mr. Stefaan Cornelis
Sat & Sound
Karel Nerinckxlaan 1
1500 Belgium
tel : +3223613115
fax : +3223612908
email : [email protected]


is one place where there's a brief description - the site is 1 of many owned by Pete at Smallear (also smallear.com and HDTVmax.com + others).
Pete is himself a satellite enthusiast and fellow member of the USA satforums. I have no idea what he would charge to ship to Europe, however.
He did have an excess of IT912S boxes because lots of US enthusiasts bought them but also several who just wanted to watch an HDNET link that was unencrypted/FTYA

When it went encrypted 6/8 weeks ago , he was left with a surplus .
NB: If you contact Smallear please don't reveal how you know about his surplus STBS.

Chris Muriel, Manchester.

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