Radeon component dongle


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Does any one in the UK have any experience of using one of these? I have a couple of questions about them:

1) where can you get them? how much?

2) I've got a 36" CRT TV which accepts 720x480p 16:9 via component, is it likely that this dongle will just "work" with this set or will it take a lot of fiddling about?

3) Is there likely to be much difference in PQ between the dongle and something like the Key Digital VGA-cmoponent convertor?



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If you're referring to the DVI->VGA convertor which comes with Radeon cards, this doesn't produce component output as in Y/Cr/Cb, it produces normal VGA RGB signals which AFAIK are different.


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Thanks for thereply KaGorn, I know that the dvi-vga convertor is not what I need.

In the US you can buy a "dongle" (stupid american name if you ask me) which allows you to output Y, Pr, Pb from radeon cards. It's not officially available here which is why I was asking those questions.

Have a look at this ati manual for more info.



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Ah okay, sorry, just that people refer to the adapter as a 'dongle' fairly regularly, rather than the component you're referring to.

Have you tried ATI's on-line store? They won't actually sell to non-American/Candian users but refer to a third-party who does, I got a Media Centre CD that way, maybe you can source this from the same place.


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Hi Total,

thanks for the links, I have a CRT (toshiba 36") which can accept 480p not 720p, sorry if there was any confusion.

Very interesting thread about your new TV, have you had any success with the ATI dongle, I'd be interested to know if you run into the problems encountered by PIYA.



I did indeed have success, but maybe because my intention was just to watch films, though I did test some gaming. PQ is nothing short of stunning, specially with good DVDs, in fact much better than my Sony 730 both in PS PAL and in PS NTSC.
I don't think you´ll be disappointed if you get one if your Tosh can handle 848x480p or 856x480p, if as you it just does 720x480p perhaps it will not be such a great idea because you'll get black bars on the sides and therefore a smaller picture. But at $29 + $15 shipping, in case you don't like it, it won't be a great loss.

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