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    For the past 12 months or more I have been using a Radeon 9200 in my HTPC mainly used for HD (live view and file playback) and also DVD playback. Many people have said to me "Your graphics card is a bit under pwered" so I got a 9800 SE 256MB a few days ago.
    Here is my problem:
    The 9200 was great for interlaced HD using the intervideo filters with DXVA and HWMC enabled in the Registry under
    and also under
    It played showing both fields so the video was very smooth, this is very noticeable with sports scenes where the camera swings quickly from side to side. If I used other filters or disabled hardware acceleration the video was bad, a lot of jitter when the camera moves quickly. With the 9200 the cpu usage was about 12% to 18% with hardware acceleration and about 33% without (Viewing live Euro1080 or playing back recorded HD files).
    The 9800 does not work with HWMC or DXVA. It ignores HWMC ( makes no difference) but with DXVA enabled it crashes the PC as soon as you use the intervideo filter. CPU usage is about 33%.
    My question is: What hardware acceleration options are available to me with the 9800 and how do I enable them?


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