Radeon 9500NP / Powerstrip settings blanked out....


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Hi All,

Yes i know it's been one of those questions that have been asked many times before. I did a search, and most people had solved it by updating their version of Powerstrip.

I was running v3.46 with a GF4-440MX and all was sweet.....but today i've installed a Radeon 9500 128mb Non Pro which is light years ahead of the GF4 and i'm very happy with it, but......

In Powerstrip the "Advanced Timing Resolutions" button is grayed out, i did d/l the newest version of Powerstrip from the website.

Deleted all traces of the old versions, and installed the newest version but still no joy ??

What is the solution to get me out of this pickle ??




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Well i decided to reformat and reinstall XP pro, and powerstrip.

I did rewind the ATI Catalyst driver back to v3.6, and v3.46 of Powerstrip and still no joy. Seems that the clock settings are not listed in the adapter card default settings, Thats why i can change the resolution or clock timings.

Ah well i'll keep searching.............if someone knows how to get Powerstrip to read the clock settings of this 9500 card, please say as it's driving me nuts. :mad:




Are you using both outputs, DVI & VGA simultaneously? Depending on the config (default monitor/primary display etc.) Powerstrip sometimes can't read the clocks. This happened once or twice on me while changing resolutions/monitors ages ago.

Simple fix if so, just unplug one display device & set your resolutions.

Beyond that, latest version of Powerstrip (I'm sticking with v3.30) & make sure the drivers/control panel (& hydravision if applicable) are installed correctly.

Best of luck.



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Cheers for the info Kramer........

Well i've now sussed it :D ......had a look at the powerstrip forums...and they've got similar problems / topic posting on there.

I d/l Powerstrip-i v3.49........not sure what the i stands for, but it worked and all is ok now.

After all this hassle, i think i'll stick with the ATI v3.6 Catalyst drivers for now, and PS v3.49 and see how i get on.

I've only got my main monitor connected via VGA at the moment, but would like to connect my PJ to the DVI socket, soon as i've picked up a DVI-VGA converter / socket adapter.

Well all i need to do is warm up the PJ, and check out the difference in PQ.......i'm sure it's gonna be light years ahead of GF4 MX440 card !! :D



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