Radeon 9500 NP 128 and Powerstrip v3.49


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Hi All,

I'm having troubles with resolutions and Powerstrip v3.49, i did have a few resolutions setup in Powerstrip. But i can't get some of them to initalise since reinstalling XP ??

Resolutions that work: 800x600, 1024x768, 720x576, 1152x864.
Resolutions that don't: 1280x720, 1080x720, 720x480.

Also can't seem to do non specific resolutions either ??

Is it XP, Powerstrip, or the ATI v3.6 drivers ??

Just buggin' the hell out me.........as i need these resolutions for my CRT PJ.

HTPC Spec:
Gigabyte GA6-IEML Mainboard
PIII 1ghz (1005mhz)
512MB 133mhz SDRAM
Radeon 9500 NP 128MB (ATI Built Card, with L shaped memory)
Pioneer 105SZ DVD Rom
WD 10.2gig & 80gig HD's
Windows XP Pro SP1




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Go to Display Settings -> Advanced -> Monitor and check that you have the box UNCHECKED saying 'hide modes this monitor cannot display'. I sometimes forget this.

Hope this helps



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Pulsar: Thanks for the tip, yep checked that one.

I checked all the adapters default video modes, and the one's i wanted weren't there, but was before the reinstall of XP ??

But i think i've sussed it, needed a complete unistall of Powerstrip and remove all traces of the program files and registry entries.

Then re-installed Powerstrip v3.49, and also set-up a profile for my vga monitor. (new trick didn't know that one !! ;) )

All seems to be ok now......managed to get all my custom resolutions again. :clap:


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