Radeon 6450 3d output on DVI port with hdmi adapter?

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Hi all.

ok so last week I bought a Sapphire 512mb Radeon Hd 6450 low profile graphics card for my HTPC. I received the 3dtv a couple of days ago.

After many many hours, using hdmi, of faffing trying to get the damn thing to accelerate the 3d video (jerky playback 100cpu usage - turned out last couple of catalyst revisions are rubbish and break the hardware acceleration on this card for full bluray playback) I finally got it working sweet.

Now the final hurdle for me is to get it working through the AVR which is a 1.3 Onkyo 607. I though I could force 3d by changing the EDIDs for the display, but this results in no picture, and turns out that radeons can't output full 3D with full HD audio.

I was wondering though......the card has 1 x HDMI, 1 x DVI and 1 x VGA port.

Do you know if its possible for this card to output 3d through the DVI port using a DVI-HDMI adapter?

Then I should be able to go

DVI > DVI-HDMI Adapter > TV = full 3d
HDMI > Onkyo AVR Receiver = full HD audio

I've read that the GT430 cards definately can, and had I known all the problems I'd have had then I'd have definately gone nvidia route.

So if so, should any DVI to HDMI adapter work, or must it be a certain type to be able to output full hdmi 1.4? Was thinking http://www.scan.co.uk/products/akasa-ak-cbhd03-bk-dvi-to-hdmi-adapter-for-monitors-and-tvs but dont know if it would be possible and can't find any that state definately 1.4 (guessing it probably makes no difference whatsoever on the spec tho),


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