Rack mountable 10" SOHO Ethernet switch


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Great response from my last posting here so Ive another question.
Im looking for a rack mountable 10 way, Cat5e switch to fit in a SOHO 10" cabinet.
Anyone know where i can get hold of these, most of the ones im looking at are not rack mountable, and so i expect sit on a shelf. Also, is generic 10" rack equipment (power supplies, patch panels, shelves, ect) able to fit into any (brand) of 10" cabinet. I suppose its all about the brackets and mounting rail sizes ?? Thanks


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I’ve not come across 10” rack-mount gigabit switches before so can only suggest looking to see if you can find suitable rack brackets (or modify a set of existing brackets) to fit a small rack-mountable switch instead of the supplied brackets that will be designed for 19” racks.

For example, you might be able to cut a 1U 19” blank plate (as this may be thinner and easier to work with compared to the rack ears supplied with a network switch), bend the ends 90 degrees and drill holes to fit the mounting points of an existing switch.


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Switches don't have a "cat" - the cat standards are all about cabling infrastructure, so don't panic if you don't see any "cats" cited in switch specifications.

You may not find 10 port switches too easily, but 12 port used to be a pretty common form.

Like Neil, I've only ever encountered 19" rack solutions, so I'd be forensic in examining the specification of anything to ensure it fits 10" racks. I think it would be prudent to assume that anything claiming "rack mountable" is designed for 19" racks unless it explicitly states otherwise.


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The Zyxel GS1100-16 16 way Gigabit switch comes with a 19" Rack mounting kit, but apparently there is a 10" kit available from Zyxel to special order (the switch is compact, fanless, and will fit a 10" rack). However, I can't find a seller offering the 10" mounting kit. You could do as neilball suggests and fabricate your own 10" mounting kit from the supplied 19" one.


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Okay no worries about that, Im thinking now a rack might be overkill anyway, might just fix all the suff the wall and build a thin cabinet around it out of wood (it will give me something to do). I doubt an 8 port switch will get too hot !


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Heat shouldn't be a problem. I personally think the cabinets are a neat job and relatively in expensive, could even get one 2nd hand. I picked up a open rack for £50 and vent shelf for £24. I'm sticking mine into a cupboard . Will have switch, DSL modem, and DS918+ and a couple of pi's

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