Racing Games - Viewpoint?

Stockpile Thomas

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I've always played racing games from an 'in-car' point of view because I've just assumed it would be more realistic, better etc.

However, I've started noticing a lot of gamers playing from the 3rd person 'behind the car' view. What view do you lot use and have you been converted from one to the other?

Just curious.


RDB :)

Geordie Jester

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Being in the car is definately more impressive in terms of feeling the speed etc, but outside is far easier to control the car.

Cornering is easier but the biggest advantage is overtaking and judging gaps etc. Overall you have a better view of the action and seeing the back-end of the car allows you to judge slides/skids.

Every so often I try inside the car, and in some ways wish I could play it like that for the added realism. I would also be interested in how other people rate the choice of view.


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I only ever play car games from inside the car, just doesn't feel right otherwise.

I just find it more realistic, particularly when you condsider your "eye" position within the structure of the car (really feel the rear end of the car should be "behind" you)


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Has to be the in-car view for me. I used to us the 'chase' view for all games as it allows you to see more of the track and whats going on around you etc. But since switching to the in-car view i have found that it is much much easier to see the racing line, especially on PGR2 and GT3, which in turn gives faster lap times etc. I tried racing on Live the other day on the chase view and got sound whooped, i just couldn't judge braking points or how fast i was going, just nasty really.

Geordie Jester

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really ?? Maybe I am going to have to give it another try !!!

Is it not more difficult to see other cars that around you and to avoid crashes etc ? I always thought it was tricky to "feel" the sides of the car in the same way as the precise "chase-view"

interesting stuff. no other chase-view fans out there!?


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How can you judge corners properly with a behind the car view, you get an extra split second with an in car view and that makes loads of difference.
Also you know when you are going to knock a wall or anlther car by using teh bottom corners of the screen as your marker.

Geordie Jester

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What do you mean by an "extra split second" ?. With a chase-view you are above the car so can generally see the twists ahead earlier than you would in the car.


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Think about it for a second, if you were driving down a twisty road with you on the bonnet and your mate on the boot and you went round a sharp right hairpin with rocks blocking your view on the sides who would see what is coming up next first ??

You would be able to see the next bend before your mate had got round the first. Stick your mate a few feet behind the car where the camera is and it gets even worse for him.

Geordie Jester

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point taken about the concealed exit from a bend. but if the road is less obscured, being higher up can let you see over the top to the track ahead. Like a truck driver having a better and more visible view than a low-level sports car by his side.

I would sacrifice the view against the split second you mention.

but......horses for courses eh ! I do take your point however. Thats probably why the developers cater for both.

We will have to just settle this on Xbox Live ! :)


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Geordie - you mention avoiding crashes and yes using the in-car can be hard to do this, but on some titles PGR2 you can look out the side using the right analog stick to see whats there, although this is not always an option to be fair, but soemtimes you just sort of 'know' soemone is there or you can 'feel' they are there. But then you get the 12 year old kid who can't break and staples you to the wall, which on any view you just can't avoid!

G a f f e r

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I use in car view for the car games (burnout 2, GT3), generally because the car is easier to judge and control. Maybe it's because I'm used to the in car view though.

By the same token, wipeout fusion is WWAAAYYYY too fast so I have to revert to chase view (i mean, 300mph, come on......). Control is niegh on impossible at these speeds when sitting in the cockpit.

Greg Hook

Moderator & Reviewer
Has to be 3rd person view for me. Just can't seem to control them as well when using the cockpit view.



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I'm an "in the car" sorta guy!

More games should do a cockpit though, it feels a bit weird like you are sitting on the bonnet otherwise.


Most in car views tend to be set too low to the ground. This makes cornering hard. Almost like the cam is set in the cars front grille.

Put it behind the drivers shoulder (ala toca) and things get much better,


Always used to play racing games from behind the car (3rd person) as I found it easier to control, etc. TBH, still played GT3 that way too.

Was playing WRCII and comparing times to a mate and I just couldn't get close to his times at all. Found out he was using the "bonnetcam" view as opposed to the bumper or cockpit views or even the 3rd person view like me.

He suggested switching and I did try but was even slower than usual... until I kept trying and it's true, it's far faster and easier to drive that way once you get used to it.

I think that the 3rd person view is fine for learning the game, etc but if you want to get the best out of it you can't beat the in car or bonnet views.

bob mushroom

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ianc - you have hit the nail on the head - learning 3rd person, see the track learn the corners get used to feel.

After a few successful campaigns in the car and learn to master the game truly
I disagree and think it's down to personal prefference. In a real car, if you have driven one on a track at the limit, you 'feel' the back end. On a game you can only judge the movement of the car by the changing angle of your view. Yes, your mind is very powerful and computes this very quickly but I still feel the chase view gives you a better idea of the cars attitude and behavoir.

Oh yeah, and I have some kudos scores higher then Riko Ninja from chase view so it can't be that bad. I did also have some fastest laps in PGR2 in the top 50 in the world although that may have changed in the month or so since I checked.


It's definitely a personal thing and TBH, before WRCII I would have agreed with you completely *but* after having tried it out and kept with it, I got to the point of *almost* feeling the back, etc the same as I would being on track for real (have a few times at Knockhill).

It does definitely vary per game though, some games are better at the chase view/cockpit views than others so I do tend to swap back and fore between them depending on what game I've been playing.

At the moment it's SSX3 and it's chase view only


richard plumb

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Most in car views tend to be set too low to the ground. This makes cornering hard. Almost like the cam is set in the cars front grille


IMO, Daytona USA in the arcades got this right over 10 years ago, then noone else paid attention.

Neither 'in car' or chase views are realistic - one is too far back, the other is way too low, in order to artifically increase the perception of speed.

I'd rather have a bonnet cam type view, almost like in Rallisport Challenge, but maybe a little further back. Not as extreme as Colin McRae incar though.

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